Monday, November 20, 2006

HouseParty..More Photos

Great friendships:

Poker?? lol

And once again the beauty of the countryside!! (by the way Ceryn, this is what it looks like in Ledbury without the fog!!)

I want to go back!!!

Houseparty 2006 Part 1

Wow...just amazing

A year after my first one (obviously) and what a difference it is. Experiencing it as a non-christian and also as a christian is really cool. I have to say that this time round it was just mind blowing!!
I got on the coach on the Friday feeling quite sad, depressed even, i sat there thinking of last year and how excited Ceryn was because i'd accepted to come along...I remember her jam sandwiches and the coke she brought me...I remember Ed calling out all the names and I was Issy, Ceryn's friend. I sat there thinking of all these things, and I have to admit i had a little cry lol. The journey there was cool. We got to Dyke House and memories came flooding in.
Anyway I need to make this post be about this years Houseparty not last years one lol.
I can't say that I got to know many new people but I got to know people I already knew better, I opened up to some people and it made me realise how many people I have to turn to. But most of all I turned to Jesus a lot, I relied on Him all weekend, I'm so much closer to Him now and I'm sooo happy about that.
The teaching was amazing and I learnt alot and I'm so excited about learning more about God!!

"Whatever happens, Christ is always leading us in triumph!!" How encouraging is that? It just puts a massive smile on my face

"The point of prayer is not's God. He's the focus!!"

Some of the great stuff that was being said at the meetings and seminars.

Free time was great too, time to admire the beauty of the countryside and also watch the boys play football!! I did join in at one point but it started to get dangerous hehe.

The boys being silly hehe: