Friday, October 20, 2006

It's been a while..

So yeah, it's been quite a while since I haven't posted anything on here...yes I have been busy. I won't be very long today, sorry, only got 15 mins lunch break at work today as I came in late this morning...Zarah got vapour rub in her eyes this morning, don't ask me how, I don't know. Anyway, she was screaming her head off and I didn't know what to do except to wash her eyes with water, but she didn't let me. Desperate, I called 118 500 for NHS direct number, got put straight through and now thinking of my bill, it's going to be huge!! The nurse told me to take her to eye got zarah ready and all of the sudden, she was better, her eyes weren't red anymore and she said zarah's better now...awwww!! Lol
Now I've got 15 mins....1 min left actually ooops haven't finished eating ahhhhhh.
I will blog later about how i'm finding things in Reading with Zarah.
Bye for now