Sunday, August 13, 2006

I feel bad but I don't think I can keep doing the 365, it was possible when I was at uni and even when I was at home with mum but being alone with Zarah takes up pretty much all my time, by the time she's sleeping, I've got a couple of hours of Issy time then it's bed time for me too. Very sorry. But I'll be posting really cool things that happen, not everyday but whenever really cool things happen. I need to find a name for it hehe.
My cool things for today were:

Church, yay I love church, I loved the worship and I loved the preach, God is awesome!!
Barbie, coming to sit next to me after church to see if I was ok and to give me a few encouraging words.
Lunch at Richard's. The food was good!! I was stuffed! The fellowship with other christians.
Zarah!!! She was sooo funny, made her mummy proud...everyone was Richard...are you ticklish?? Seeing Zarah with Scott and Barbie, thinking, we've only known them for a week!! Zarah calling Scott Milo from the tweenies lol!!
Me sitting between Karen and Caroline, feeling safe and loved, feeling the friendship even if i've only known Caroline for a week. Haven't felt like that for ages!

Thank you Lord for all those moments, each one of them being a blessing from You!


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