Sunday, July 09, 2006

My Sunday

Well today I wasn't able to go to church...reason: the lady who was going to give us a lift gave me a wrong number..ooops so couldn't reach her...I really wanted to go because it was a regional celebration...oh well...
I'm so glad that I found a church here that I really like and where I feel so close to God...and i'm so challenged by what is said there...every week there is something that hits me...I'll soon be leaving and I'll be so so sad to leave this awesome church...I'll be moving on at Reading Family church, no longer as the student but as the mum!! Or maybe a mixture of both hehe!! I've got this year broadly planned out but thinking further than that is soo scary because I don't know what is going to happen, but at the same time I smile because I know that the Lord has got everything planned out for me...The scary thing involves Zarah...thinking of where I need to put her name down for school!! I haven't got a clue where i'll be when I finish uni...will I be going to America or will i be going back to mums, I haven't got a clue...but choosing a school is something really important and it's very scary.
I see why it's probably better not to have a child when you're at uni hehe


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