Saturday, June 24, 2006

Still in Marseille

Well the days are flying by and I wish I could do more but well I fele bad saying what I want to do and it's annoying. That's why I like doing things like on my own so that I can go and do what I want...but nevermind...I'm having a good time. The weather is still great and I've been to the beach twice, been clubbing, been to an Irish pub, observed France winning the match France vs Togo, been shopping, been walking a lot, met a lot of people and even people i'd never thought i'd meet again!!!
In 2002 I was going out with Billy, Zarah's dad, and we went to the beach once back in Mauritius, with his old friends....I never saw those friends again and well Billy I'd rather not know what he's up to...anyway...I came to Marseille qnd only met one of the guys who were there at the beach that day!!!nearly wow 4 years later!!! We laughed a lot... talked a lot about that day at the beach and also about Billy...We had a great time last night clubbing and all that..
Ha...when we were in this club there was this English girl/lady so so drunk and just approaching every guy she saw I was like dude!!!! Had to tell my friends the English are not like that really!!! oh dear!!! lol
Well I'm having a great time here...missing the British culture hehe but it's good!!! Remy(French dude), Steph, Me hehe


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