Friday, June 02, 2006

My trip home

I finished my exams today (WOOHOO). I felt really relieved that it was all over but at the same time it felt weird not to have anything to do. Was going to go out tonight but decided not to and to go home instead. I got to Reading station and was waiting for my train and a train came. I was texting Kat and listening to music, as the doors opened i just got in. The doors closed and the train started to the wrong direction!! I got on the wrong train!!! The train i got on was a train going to Oxford and not to London!!! Luckily it stopped before Oxford but it meant that I had to wait 30 mins at Tilehurst!! I finally made it home, took me 3h45 mins to get here. Left at 7 got here at 10.45. It took me 2 buses and 5 trains!!!
Ceryn found it very funny, at least i managed to make her laugh!!


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