Monday, June 26, 2006

Lazy day

Yesterday (sunday), was such a lazy day... I woke up, got ready to go to the beach and spent all day just lying in the burning sun and in the was great...well I did get I decided to for a walk on my own... it was much needed...well I discovered The Red Lion pub...obviously a British pub so decided to go in, as the match was playing it gave me something else to do!!! I sat there staring at the screen... thinking GO ENGLAND but also how I missed England, I missed the people (maybe not chavs tho lol), peoples manners and just the culture in's so different here...people are so lazy and they don't really care about anything... you don't get I.D'd to get into a pub or a can't even cross on a zebra crossing, the cars never stop!!!! I just find that this place has no respect whatsoever for anything!!! Even the seagulls are crazy!!!!Oh well lol...
We went out in the evening for dinner: Steph, Sammy, Sophie and me... I had prawns hmmmm then paella hmmmm... it was good!!!
Today was the day I was coming back... I was quite looking forward to seeing Zarah and just generally being back. Well I kind of missed my plane... ooops so i'm coming back tomorrow...gte to spend another hot night in Marseille...
I was on the coach going to the airport and I knew I was going to miss the plane... started praying...I just calmed down straight away... got to the airport and I had missed check-in...the nice lady found me a place on the flight tomorrow!!! It was the last one!!! God is awesome!!!


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