Thursday, June 22, 2006

Being in Marseille

Oh yes i'm in Marseille...trying to write using a french keyboard which is not very easy!!! Nothing is where you think it is!!!
The weather is great..hopefully it'll stay like this. I arrived yesterday, it was "music day" so there was a lot happening in the streets. We walked around til 3 am it was really fun. I met some of Stephanie's friends...they are quite cool.
Oh...something not so cool happened to me...when I got my suitcase it was in pieces...the zip was ripped the plastic was cĂ´mpletely was not I might have to buy a new one or even bring my stuff back in a bin bag haha
I've been a good brit....singing some good old football songs and shouting ENGLAND haha!!!
I'm so glad i speak french even if it's with an english accent..dunno how i would have sorted my luggage problems hehe.
Over and out for now


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